Automate Pricing by Amazon Seller Central

A new feature was announced today by Amazon for FBA sellers to automatically adjust their pricing. This isn’t a new concept – there are dozens of repricing software companies. It’s new for it to be included in Amazon Seller Central, though. As reported by, the offering by Amazon is rather rudimentary since it is simply indexed to the Buy Box.

For sellers of one-off items like what I did with my OTTNOT business, it is crucial to keep up with all of the other marketplace sellers in order to keep inventory moving.  I settled on RepriceIt, which was inexpensive yet powerful enough to do what I needed for the small amount of inventory I held. However, RepriceIt did not do anything with my inventory in “Collectible” condition, which happens to include most board games and other toys. Savvy FBA sellers know that Collectible items never get the Buy Box, so Amazon’s new Automate Pricing tool won’t solve that problem.

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