Mindful Breathing

One of the most useful things I have learned recently is the art of mindfulness, and specifically mindful breathing. That isn’t hyperbole. It has helped in all aspects of my life. Examples:

Scenario: Multiple projects at work. Solution: Breathe mindfully. Make a list, prioritize, execute.
Scenario: Driver cuts me off on my commute. Solution: Breathe mindfully. Be deliberate, bless the driver and let it go.
Scenario: New puppy is driving me crazy (love you Satchi!). Solution: Breathe mindfully. He’s just a puppy, he’s telling me he needs something, Kong to the rescue.

The method I use is called 4-7-8. Four seconds breathing in, seven seconds holding, eight seconds breathing out. While I don’t use it for this purpose, you may have heard about it as a quick (supposedly very quick) way to fall asleep. It was pioneered by the well-known Dr. Weil. Simple yet powerful! Read more about it here.

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