Most Famous John Middletons: Utah State edition

There’s a new John Middleton in town, and he’s making noise over at Utah State as a freshman basketball talent. He only started getting playing time on January 19th versus UNLV. Coach Tim Duryea must like what he is seeing, as Middleton recently saw 17 minutes of action versus Wyoming on February 6th. During that game he recorded his first made 3PT and added three free throws as well.

The numbers may not seem like much, but every star has to start somewhere. Middleton is one to keep an eye on as his college career progresses. Perhaps he can become the second Middleton in the NBA, joining Khris (no relation) of the Milwaukee Bucks.

How many John Middletons are there?

In the inaugural post of, let’s count how many John Middletons there are in the world. First, the United States. According to, there are 790 John Middletons in the country. It’s a common first name, with nearly 5 million Johns in the United States alone, and a not-so-common last name, with 50,000 Middletons.

Worldwide, there’s another 50,000 Middletons, according to Forebears. With “John” being used 0.5% of the time, that would be about 250 more John Middletons. So the answer: there’s over one thousand of us walking the earth.

Answer: around 1,000

There’s much more to learn about the history of the surname Middleton and the given name John. Stay tuned to this spot.